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BlogAudio is the one tool you need for your audio generation needs. Be more accessible for your users, reach more people and increase engagement.

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Trusted by 500+ creators and organizations

Premium AI Voices

Hand-picked 150 high quality AI voices.

Works for every use case

Use generated audio for anything you want.

Built for speed

Convert text to speech in seconds.

No coding required

Use our clean interface or connect one of our integrations.

Global availability

Delivers files to your users from more than 120 hosting nodes.

Embeddable player

Fully customizable player that can be added to any platform.

Endless audio possibilities

Save time and resources using Text to Speech generated audio. Unleash your creativity and use AI generated speech in your next project. Spend seconds, not weeks, creating:

  • Voiceovers
  • Video dubbing
  • Audio articles
  • IVR
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
BlogAudio's player embeded in Medium article about BlogAudio.
BlogAudio's player embeded in Medium article about BlogAudio.

Premium collection of AI voices

We deliver the highest quality voices powered by Artificial Intelligence trained by Google. Choose from 23 English voices with 4 accents. Go global with total of 158 voices in 43 languages and accents.

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Accessibility induced growth

Get more coverage by offering users a way to listen to your content. Be more open to people's preferences and impairments. Join the growing trend of audio listeners. Increase and track engagement with our audio player analytics.

Works with major publishing platforms

Publish generated audio anywhere. Our customizable audio player helps you easily post created audio to any platform.

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BlogAudio let's you convert text to high quality audio speech. Articles, podcasts, voiceovers – all in one tool.