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BlogAudio is the easiest way to convert all your articles into high quality AI generated audio and let your users enjoy your content without looking at the screen.

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Grow Your Audience

Reach wider group of people who prefer listening over reading. Listening requirers less attention and can be done performing other tasks like walking, driving, cooking, doing sports and more. Join a growing trend of podcasts and audiobook listeners and add high quality audio to your articles.

  • Reach people with different preferences
  • Offer screen free content
💡Did you know?
Number of U.S adults who listens to audiobooks has grown from 12% in 2015 to 20% in 2019.
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Increase User Engagement

Listening is undemanding and less distracting than reading. Offering your content as audio can increase time spent on your website and grow number of people consuming your content in background. Moreover with BlogAudio you can analyze exactly how engaging your articles are - when people stop, skip or re-listen.

  • More time spent on your website
  • Content available in background
  • In-depth engagement analytics
💡Did you know?
For human brain, it doesn't matter whether we read text or listen to someone read it. Both activities activate the same brain regions.

Improve Accessibility

Not everyone has a privilege to read with ease as you do now. Using BlogAudio you can greatly help people with visual impairment and reading disabilities, but also make your content accessible without looking at the screen. People can consume your content performing other tasks.

  • Help people with disabilities
  • Make your content less distracting
  • Content accessible while doing other things
💡Did you know?
About 10% of population has some kind of learning disability that makes it hard to read.
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