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With BlogAudio you can convert text to high quality Malay speech. Listen our 4 Malay voices below.

  • Nur
    MY flagMalay
  • Muhamad
    MY flagMalay
  • Wan
    MY flagMalay
  • Ahmad
    MY flagMalay

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How to generate Text to Speech in Malay

  1. Create free BlogAudio account

    It takes just couple of minutes. Just use your email or sign in with other provider to start 7-days free trial.

  2. Select one of Malay voices

    Choose the one you like. There are 4 voices with Malay accent to choose from.

  3. Type or paste your text

    Create anything you want. You are limited only by your imagination.

  4. Click "Save & Convert" and listen to audio.

    In just a few seconds our Text to Speech system will convert your content to high quality Malay speech.

  5. Download audio file or use embed player on your website.

    Use generated audio in your video, on your website or in any creative project you want.

BlogAudio Text to Speech interface

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